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Quality, Honesty, Sincerity and Reliability are the commitment of the Bajra Human Resources (p) Ltd. Yes obviously our first preference to provide you quality manpower in time and as your convenience. We are committed your satisfaction.

The services of our Sincere, Honest, Hardworking and Disciplined candidates will help to boost the business to the employer companies as well, in terms of proven moral and productivity.Bajra Human Resources (p) Ltd. has confident that the Nepalese National will fit in and contribute to our client company with best.

The region for the provision of Manpower recruiting services to Foreign companies, which will help strengthen the financial condition of the Nation as well as of the candidates.
To achieve rapid profitable growth by ensuring that our clients needs are satisfied in an efficient and cost- effective manner.

Our Story

Established in 2007, Bajra Human Resources (P) Ltd is one of the most reliable recruitment companiesin Nepal which has its own building “BAJRA HOUSE”. Located in the heart of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, Bajra Human Resources (P) Ltd is registered under the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of Government of Nepal with its registration number 597/062/63.

A team of highly reputed professionals of recruiting field have been effectively operating Bajra Human Resources (P) Ltd with more than 13 years of experience. They are well- familiar with employment needs of overseas employers as they themselves worked in Gulf countries for many years. With our wide range of experience, we have beensupplying the recruiting companies withenergetic, skillful, well-disciplined and faithful Nepalese workers. We have supplied some 15,000 Nepali manpower ranging from engineers, managers, supervisors, scaffolders, cleaners and laborers.

We have been providing our quality service in the Gulf countries including Kuwait, Qatar, KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Malaysia as per the requirement of the recruiting companies based in these countries each year. We are committed to make the process of supplying Nepalese workers to the foreign countries hassle-free and safe with our well established management, team and procedures.

With its more than decade long experience of supplying manpower to the Gulf countries, Bajra Human Resources (P) Ltd has been established as a brand in selecting right, dedicated and laborious Nepalese workers and supplying them to the concerned countries. We are the only specialized Nepali recruiting company in supplying skilled manpower who proudly work in oil and gas industries in the Gulf countries.

We also focus to support national priorities to reduce unemployment, generating more foreign remittance thereby raising the socio-economic status of underprivileged people of Nepal.

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Why Nepalese

Over the past few years, a growing number of employers from overseas countries are paying their attention to Nepal for recruitment of manpower to cope with the increasing requirement of manpower in their countries. The following are the lucrative advantages to hire Nepalese workers. 

1.The fact that Nepalese people are committed to their duties and responsibilities cannot be denied because of which countries, especially from the Middle East and East Asian countries have shifted their interest towards Nepalese manpower by recruiting them in different categories. The reason could definitely be the honesty, hard work, loyalty, discipline and above all commitment of Nepalese people towards one’s duties and responsibilities. 

2.Manpower’s in Nepal are comparatively more cost effective and their hiring cost is lower as compared to other countries. 

3.All categories of workers such as professionals, skilled, semi killed and unskilled almost in all fields are readily available for immediate placement. 

4. Nepalese workers are laborious and sustain their working capability even in the most arduous conditions. 

5.Nepalese workers discharge their duties relentlessly, without hitch and without any kind of discontent. 

6.The government procedures and formalities in Nepal are comparatively simple.

The Nepalese people are peace-loving, simple-minded, dedicated and extremely loyal to their employers, have high sense of responsibilities and discipline and discharge their duties.


Bajra Human Resources (P) Ltd does not compromise on supplying quality manpower as per the diverse need of the recruiting companies of the Gulf countries and Malaysia. The satisfaction of our valued clients (recruiting companies) comes first as we firmly believe in strong long term business bound rather than the short-term gains. Our highly efficient and dedicated team is always prepared to fulfill all the requirements of the manpower companies based in Gulf countries and Malaysia.

Our Company Porfile

Name of Company : Bajra Human Resources (P) Ltd.
Managing Director : Mr. Santa Kumar Lama
HMG Licence No : 597/062/63
Office Location : Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal
Telephone No : 977-1-5555823 Fax No : 977-1- 5543769
E-mail : info@bajrahrs.com bajra_1@yahoo.com bajrah@gmail.com